suga, rapper and producer bts, will be the third member of the group to enlist in the service military mandatory that governs in South Korea. This has been reported by several South Korean media, who have also revealed that the idol have something special to say goodbye to ARMY.

After what jhope is integrated into the military, Suga will be the next Bangtan member to go to fulfill his duties as a South Korean citizen. This has been reported today by numerous media outlets in his country, who have also revealed other details about what activities the artist will do before going to the army.

The tour that Suga has announced worldwide, will be the way in which the idol will be temporarily laid off ARMY. In addition, it is expected that he will also release a solo album or single.

Naver reported that Suga prepared his tour to say goodbye to all his followers, since his enlistment date for military service will be this year. Once the rapper is done with all his professional activities, he will go to the army mid vacation.

Let’s remember that suga will make a military service different, he will do it as a public official. This is due to his medical history and the shoulder operation he underwent, which prevents him from doing certain physical activities that are commonly done in the military.