The fans of bts they are believing that RM, the leading member of cluster, He would have separated from his partner or alleged girlfriend, after a mysterious and worrying message that he published on his social networks.

After RM posted a controversial message on his social networks, which was accompanied by a black and white photo of the Idol, the ARMY was very concerned about what the star could be going through right now.

However, they have not remained in doubt and have already begun to investigate what could be the causes of the message that RM published and that left them very dismayed.

“Cursing only cuts the pain in half.” That was the message that the South Korean artist left on his social networks, and that has made the public think army about what could have happened.

Various fans of bangtan They have started to claim that RM might have fallen out with the person or partner he is currently dating. And although there is no evidence to confirm what they say, they maintain that theory as one of the possible reasons for their message.

The rapper and composer has always been characterized by being a fairly closed person when it comes to issues of his personal life. He idol He does not usually talk about the romances he has had or the people with whom he shares friendships outside of fame.

And you, do you also think that MRI Could you have fought with your partner?