RM, the leading member of bts, caused great concern to all his fans by posting a very strange message that left great uncertainty within the ARMY. His millions of followers are searching for clues as to what he might be saying, but they haven’t found anything yet.

BTS fans have been suspecting that RM might be hiding something. And it is that the last publication del Idol shocked more than one, since it left a rather controversial phrase that raised doubts in more than one.

“Cursing only cuts the pain in half”

He idol accompanied that phrase along with a black and white shape, which made the ARMY feel somewhat worried about the artist, who could be going through a personal and difficult moment.

Some of his followers claim that MRI He could have argued with someone very close, with a possible partner or with a family member. But so far, no theory can be confirmed, as little is known about the private life of the talented artist.

And you, what do you think was the reason why MRI Did you post that controversial phrase on your social media?