RM, the leading member and rapper of bts, has surprised his fans by introducing his new partner, leaving everyone speechless ARMY.

For any BTS fan, it is well known that RM is one of the most reserved members of the entire group. Your personality Serious and chivalrous is worthy of what it reflects, a person who is not interested in talking about his private life.

Despite that, he idol He has dared on several occasions to talk about some aspects of his private life, including friends, his only relationships he has had or some of his colleagues.

It was like this on one occasion, and through social networks, RM shared a photo next to his name partner Moni, your pet whom it was not possible to see frequently until the year 2019, where the idol shared some photos of her, and who stole the hearts of all her fans and followers.

MRI He has stated on several occasions that his girlfriend has been the same for several years, and like some of his teammates, his girlfriend is nothing more and nothing less than everyone. ARMY, since he considers that they have been the people who have supported him the most and have been with him at the time of fulfilling and making his dreams come true.