After a video went viral on TikTok, the singer MRI causes fear in army after opening the door of a helicopter when it was in the middle of the flight.

Although this could have been a fatal maneuver for the member of bts, and its occupants fortunately did not get any worse, but the scare they had was sure not to be forgotten.

The video that has more than 3 millions of views on the platform TikTok, and that worried the artist’s followers has been replicated millions of times by digital media.

And although the first impression of army It was out of concern for the life of the artist, apparently the video is not what it seems.

Apparently namjoon I would be recording an episode for «Bon Voyage», It was there that they took a helicopter ride and although safety instructions were given before the flight, when the helicopter was at a considerable height MRI decided to open the windowaccidentally«.

His companions immediately panicked, generating screams of terror, which were later edited for when the chapter aired.

The cry of the occupants of the helicopter was apparently more of emotion than fear and the video went viral with the intention that army stay tuned for the next episodes and find out what really happened.

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