Kim namjoonthe leader of bts, a few weeks ago he participated in the popular Melon Station Radial program, the boy attended as part of the promotions for his debut album “Indigo”. The 29-year-old boy shared childhood stories of him, claiming that it was actually very difficult to raise him as he was a stubborn and whiny child.

Despite that, he idol He added that for some reason it was very easy for him to learn, so he knew how to read and write quickly. The boy revealed that when he was a child, he was very disobedient, so now he tries to be nice to his parents to repay his parents for putting up with him when he was a child.

But what surprised the fans the most was when MRI He blatantly revealed that he had a crush on a girl as a child. During the first grade of elementary school, he fell in love with a classmate at school and revealed that he described her to her parents as “a friendly princess in my class«.

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Instead of making his fans jealous, RM managed to make them die of cuteness for the way he referred to the girl when she was only 6 years old. army In social networks they limited that since he was a child, RM was a complete romantic.