MRI Member of bts, has been distressing his fans known as ARMY, after posting a message on their stories instagram where he reveals that he is not having a good time.

Korean band rapper btsHe has never hidden his feelings and constantly shares the reasons for his happiness with his followers, however, this did not happen this time, the artist with just one phrase that could be seen within an image with a black background, left them very concerned to the fans.

The phrase published by namjoon It caused his followers to quickly wonder what was happening with the artist, and without hesitation they began to show their support through social networks. They even created several hashtags on Twitter where they showed their support and unconditional love with loving messages.

The phrase originally written in the language of the artist translated: «Just cursing can cut the pain in half«Although he did not give more context about what was happening, his followers point out that many people would be criticizing his private life.

The followers in an attempt to improve the spirit of MRImanaged to get two hashtags to exceed more than 39,000 reactions, hoping that the leader of the group can read each of the messages from the people who truly support him.

Likewise, with some anger, army He demanded that people dispense with making judgments against him, since no one has the right to comment or assume about what happens in his private life.