Recently, the rapper, composer and member of the South Korean K-Pop group bts, MRIreappeared in his last live in Weverse (popular social network in South Korea) with a bruise on her neck.

During his last live on social media, many of his fans instantly noticed that the singer had a strange bruise or “hickey” on the right side of his neck, immediately rumors spread that it was a “Hickey” and the army It was not long in coming and after this they began to question themselves through the networks what exactly would have happened.

The rapper began to read the multiple comments from his fans where they asked him what had happened to his neck, to which RM replied that he had hurt himself a bit when practicing CrossFit.

As we know, RM is very responsible when it comes to caring for and improving his physical it is about, so many of his followers accepted this answer but others simply did not add up, since such a wound in that part of the neck would be somewhat strange, so it began to be rumored that this “bruise“was not from any CrossFit exercise, instead it was generated by another person.

And there are not many ways to generate this type of brand in the neckwas what the South Korean media began to say, implying that it was possibly done to him by another very close him.