One of the most famous members of BTS, the singer MRIhas created a controversial discussion on social networks because he has called himself an “unpleasant to see” person, clearly his ARMY’S They disagree and have let you know.

Singer RM was recently chosen for the cover of the magazine vogue korea for the June edition, the photo session was carried out fully dressed by the brand Bottega Venetaof which he is the official ambassador.

In the middle of the interview, the reporter asked him what his objectives were for the photo session «Your fans expect you to participate in these types of photo shoots with some kind of purpose beyond producing beautiful photographs. What do you intend with the next cover of Vogue?»

When asked by the interviewer, RM responded “My fans are right to expect not just photos that are easy on the eye, but photos that offer who I am, what I’m thinking, what I believe.“, and then he assured”There are so many other people who would be nicer to see on the cover than me.. Since I’m doing this with Bottega Veneta, I’m also hoping that the brand’s philosophy will come through, but in a less obvious way.«. Clarifying that it is the first time that the singer does a photographic section for a magazine without his usual group btsbeing much more intimidating because it was for a specific cover.

His followers clearly disagreed with the singer’s statement, immediately flooding social media expressing that he’s a pretty nice person and shouldn’t say that about himself.