Over time, MRI of bts He has been very comfortable sharing his casual moments with ARMY through his Instagram. Although most of his recent posts have been about visiting galleries and museums, he often includes interesting moments from his personal life in his stories, but his latest stories left some fans very thoughtful.

namjoon He recently posted two stories on his Instagram. The first is a photo of his palm where he wrote “No.1» and another palm had written the word «Guard” in Korean. The second story was a short video where it can be seen that both hands give each other a high five.

Most of the ARMYs were completely confused by the stories that RM had posted and no one knew what they really meant.

That’s when the fandom’s comic-savvy fans came to the rescue, revealing that the two stories published by MRI refer to the Japanese manga series”slam dunk«.

Given the namjoon previously posted another story about him at the theater, fans are now speculating that he may have been there to see the movie.”The First Slam Dunk» and then published those stories referencing the film, thus showing that he is a huge fan of the series or anime in general.