MRI of BTS really loves his fans, the 28-year-old boy loves to share his experiences through social networks. Now, he has decided to do a series of vlogs to make ARMY feel closer to the boy. These video vlogs are called “All Day with RM” and will be uploaded one chapter per week to the BANGTANTV YouTube channel.

In this new chapter, Kim namjoon is recorded in another daily routine, this time, he started his day by having a hearty traditional Korean breakfast, then read some comics and immediately went to his recording studio to do some rehearsals. It was already afternoon and he immediately went to train at the BigHit gym.

First he wrote the exercise plan for that day on a blackboard. This is how he got down to work and started stretching and running on the treadmill, after which he stretched his arms up and told ARMY “Usually the artists train here without clothes and I have a hard time doing it with my clothes on, but, I will do it dressed to protect your precious eyes.”

But this wasn’t a big problem, as the idol constantly showed off his giant muscles while working out, and the ARMYs They have been really delighted with the situation, since not always the leader of bts He shows off his really exercised body so brazenly.