the bodyguard of kim taehyung either Vmember of the band btshas revealed what the artist’s true character is like behind the scenes. army he is hallucinating

kim taehyungWith his indisputable talent, he has made his group BTS more recognized worldwide. He has also managed to be part of important international events to which he is invited.

In days gone by, the artist attended the Fashion Week in Parisalong with their other colleagues, and in the midst of hundreds of spectators, the members of BTS made their debut as men’s fashion models for the brand Dior.

And it was there, in the middle of the important event, that a fan had the opportunity to meet the French bodyguard, who today works with the singer and dancer.

Through a few questions he escorts V He revealed details that few knew, and it was the reality of an artist off camera. army he wanted to know if the composer was still a complete artist off camera, and the revelations surprised all the fans.

The outlet revealed that taehyung He was a very affectionate and sweet person while they were together, I affirm that he offered to take photos of her while maintaining a pleasant humility.

Likewise, he praised the facility that V to establish and maintain connections with people. Treating the staff he works with and his colleagues with respect is an artist’s law, the source added.