South Korean singer kim taehyung member of the group bts is one of the most famous and loved by the followers of the group and the army, since thanks to its excellent style it can captivate everyone. Currently, the artist is preparing to start his career as a soloist that will begin at end of the year 2023following in the footsteps of other of his colleagues who have been working in this way for some time, since the group is on hiatus and each member is taking their own path.

Recently, the artist also known as V surprised all his fans on social networks by giving them some photos via instagramKim Taehyung shared several photos in his recording studio and also some photos with his friends, where V can be seen together with his Wooga Squad having a nice time in the streets.

jeon jungkook V’s partner and member of BTS, also made an appearance in these photos posted on networks, because according to the photos Seo Joon was the only member of the Wooga Squad who was absent for the promotions of his movie “dreams«, so apparently Jungkook was the new addition to spend the day together.

For the photo Kim Taehyung and Jungkook posed happily togetherV carried a bag of food between his teeth framing his own style, the fabulous photo was a topic to talk about, because the ARMY was pleasantly surprised by such a tender and unique photograph.