Kim Taehyung’s bts has taken social networks by surprise with a new viral video, and it is that the interpreter of “Christmas Tree” has been caught trying to seduce a dancer with tender dance steps that apparently had an effect on the girl.

And it is that Taehyung is known in his fandom, armyas a social butterfly who loves to make people laugh and above all, to make them feel comfortable, this is how when you arrive at a place, if he liked you, it is very likely that you will end up laughing at some joke devised by the guy at that very moment.

This is the case of a BTS dancer, and it is that during one of the last concerts of the group KPOP On the whole, the boy was really happy on stage showing his more outgoing side. He even took the opportunity to shamelessly flirt with a dancer on stage.

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First, he approached and began to make sexy movements that actually caused a lot of tenderness, the girl couldn’t help but start laughing when she saw him taehyung it was being really funny. Then with a charming smile, the 27-year-old managed to dance alongside the girl.

Of course, the moment has been discussed on social networks, with ARMY dying of jealousy and wanting to be the dancer so that Taehyung also does a seductive dance for them, without a doubt. V He is quite a Don Juan. You can watch the video of the cute interaction below: