kim taehyung Member of bts has been in trouble, after making this post on his Instagram that caused thousands of criticisms on different social networks.

Recently, the members of the most famous group of kpopthey have been publishing different stories with their fans separately, and although they always try to entertain them and be loving with them, without trying to make mistakes, this time the criticism invaded social networks, after one of its members published a portrait by mistake on their social networks.

Followers are always aware of the publications of their artists, and days ago they noticed that one of Kim Taehyung’s publications was being heavily criticized, apparently it was due to an artist’s mistake when publishing the photograph.

The artist shared in his stories of instagram an “edit” from one of his fans, or what would be a drawing with five people from his cooking show in Mexico. The creator of the drawing asked that they please not share the photograph without giving the corresponding credits, but the singer forgot to tag the artist who made the drawing, and did not give him credits as requested.

Before this many army they disagreed because he had published the story without giving credit to the creator; However, shortly after the artist edited the photograph and this time I did manage to label who made the drawing.

And although in the networks they criticized the acting of the singer of 27 years, soon after they thanked him for getting his post right.