Jungkook, the popular member of bts, he had a crush on a girl who was about to become his crush. However, and unfortunately for the Idol, the young woman found a partner and got married, and the reaction of the golden maknae has drawn the attention of ARMY.

Although all BTS fans know very well that Jungkook’s official crush is the South Korean singer and actress. IU, The idol also has another favorite singer and whom he has admired a lot for a while now.

It is about nothing more and nothing less than Ariana Grande, whom the idol has had the opportunity to meet and share on several occasions, and who according to him, is a very talented, captivating and above all beautiful artist.

He idol He assured in an interview that Ariana is one of his favorite artists, and although she is already married, he has always found her very beautiful despite his short stature.

BTS’s Golden Maknae has not denied that the American star managed to captivate him. And even though she is already a married woman, the idol will always admire her beauty, talent and personality.

And you, would you like one? collaboration future between Ariana Grande and Jungkook?