jungkook of bts He has become a heartthrob and was voted the Sexiest Man Alive of 2022 and broke the record for being the most streamed Kpop artist on Spotify in the world, which is a truly impressive record for the singer, as with Only 25 years old, he is arguably the most popular idol in the world.

But her success and beauty isn’t seen solely by the boy group’s fans., well jungkook he also won the heart of a beautiful Miss Universe.

This is not the first time that the artist has a declaration of love from a celebrity, since many have declared themselves fans of the idol and admitted that they were in love, but that jungkook never corresponded to the proposals.

Just a few days ago, the celebration of Miss Universe 2023 took place, where the representatives of the countries of Peru, Venezuela, Cambodia and other countries admitted to being fans of KPOP, but the most surprising thing was the confession of Miss Universe Korea, who even revealed that he uses Jungkook as wallpaper on his cell phone.

The Beauty Queen, who bears the name Hanna Kimshe did not hesitate to confess her love to the member to the singer, and although she did not win Miss Universe, she managed to conquer something more important, the hearts of millions of KPOP fans, especially those of ARMY, The same ones who laughed at this situation, since they say that they are part of a long list of people who like Jungkook.