jungkooka member of the iconic group BTS, has indicated through an interview that he wants to be with someone without much clothing, and launched this daring proposal.

The members of bts since last December 13, when the oldest member of the group Jin entered compulsory military service, they have been working alone, and conducting interviews and live broadcasts through different pages, sometimes accompanied and other times individually.

This time individually the singer of 25 years He started a live broadcast, where through a risky proposal he drove all the fans who were connected at that moment crazy, and very interested in what the Idol was going to anticipate.

through the platform Weverse, the singer explained that he had recently gotten up and that he would start the day by fulfilling his obligations as usual. Therefore, in front of several followers, he explained that he should bathe to start his day.

Apparently very aware of what he was saying, he expressed: «I really don’t want to take a bath Does anyone want to take a bath?“, an expression that almost instantly placed the whole army to dispute the position to help the artist.

Without a doubt, Jungkook is a benchmark for the ideal man for many of his fans, so the proposal created a revolution in social networks, after which videos of the iconic moment went viral on the social network. Twitter especially.