Jungkook, the minor member of bts, has delighted his followers by singing Ditto from the new South Korean girl group Kpop New Jeans, generating all kinds of reactions in the ARMY.

jungkook He has been active on his social networks during the last days of his vacation. The idol took the initiative to hold a live broadcast to share a pleasant time with all his fans around the world.

there, the golden maknae turned the live into a whole karaoke, and it was precisely in this way that the star proceeded to sing the popular song Ditto by New Jeans, causing all kinds of comments on social networks.

As many of us know, New Jeans is the group of kpop that has generated the most trend and popularity in recent months. His songs have broken several streaming records on various streaming platforms worldwide and his future in the industry promises a lot.

Jungkook’s video performing Ditto has quickly gone viral around the world, and many ARMYS and other Kpop fans have stated that the idol’s voice in the song is great.

And you, did you like the voice of jungkook in Ditto by New Jeans?