Jungkook, the golden maknae from bts, has shown us a series of photos that were not seen in the official video of his song ‘Dreamers’, which was one of the official themes of the Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022. And it has been here, where the army He has been truly impressed.

jungkook was one of the artists chosen to sing a song in Qatar 2022, which was Dreamers and had its official video recorded in the small Qatari peninsula.

And now, a new photo of the 25-year-old idol has been released, where you can see his toned arms full of tattoos, leaving all his fans and followers mesmerized.

The army He could not help but express his admiration for such a photograph, which in a matter of minutes went viral on all the social networks that may exist.

Despite criticism for also participating in the opening ceremony of the World Cup, jungkook he managed to successfully complete his purpose, and he can proudly say that the song he recorded for the event was undoubtedly the most successful and best received by the public.

The army can’t help but feel proud golden maknae, who has demonstrated with facts that his popularity will always go beyond any border, whatever the moment or situation.