Jungkook, the smallest member of bts, has made all his fans laugh after reacting to the popular soap opera ‘Ugly Betty’ an icon in Latin television that continues to enjoy great popularity among viewers and other fans around the world.

He ARMY, The official BTS fandom released a video of Jungkook watching TV while eating fried chicken and salad. But what really caught her attention was what she was seeing in the TV, which was nothing more and nothing less than the Colombian novel Betty la fea.

However, some fans They realized that the video was actually edited by an ARMY, and that Jungkook was actually watching another show.

Despite this, his fans have laughed at the reaction that the golden maknae while watching TV, since you can see how he laughs and enjoys what he is watching in his room.

The video has quickly gone viral on all social networks, which is quite common when it comes to Jungkook, Idol who enjoys enormous popularity in all corners of the world.

To you, would you like the members of bts react to ugly Betty?