In the last hours, the fans of bts are speculating the possible reason why Jungkook, the minor member of the group, closed his official account Instagram. There, they are talking about the possibility that this action has occurred because of a potential reason; the attacks you have been receiving Lee Yoobi, The actress with whom he has been linked in rumors of engagement.

He army of BTS, keep looking for the possible reasons why Jungkook deleted his official Instagram account since last February.

And now, based on what has already been happening recently, some followers of the golden maknae ensure that there is a great possibility that this action has a first and last name: Lee Yoo Bi.

The fans believe that harassment that he idol received on the social network, added to the attacks that the young actress she was also receiving for being linked to him, would be the potential reasons why she would have made that drastic decision.

According to the new theory raised, the star of kpop He made the decision to close Instagram so that no one would notice the interactions he had with other accounts, and thus maintain his private life in secret and without his fans bothering him.

“We all know how toxic people on Instagram can be with everything that happens. It is no longer safe for him to be there. An Instagram account with 52 million followers? You just don’t erase it easily. Definitely a move by both JK and his agency,” wrote one user on Twitter.

AND you, do you think that was the reason why jungkook deleted his official account instagram?