Jungkook, the minor member of the popular South Korean group of kpop bts, he was threatened with death by a stalker who allegedly would be the same one who was sending food to his apartment. In the meantime, a prompt response and legal actions are expected from HYBE, company that represents the idol and the group.

In the last few hours, the army has been reporting the Death threat that Jungkook has received from a fan who has been harassing him in recent days. This girl would be the same person who would have been sending food to the artist’s house, something that has all his friends very concerned. followers.

On May 4th, the golden maknae, through a live broadcast on the platform Weverse, He sent a forceful message inviting his fans to stop sending food to his home.

“Please don’t send food home. Even if they do, I won’t eat it. I appreciate the detail, but I can feed myself well on my own. Please, this is a sincere request. If one more delivery arrives at home, I will investigate using the receipt, the order number and take action against this person. Please stop,” said the idol.

But now things have worsened. And it turns out that the person who would have sent him the food is now making death threats against him. maknae.

“You think I can’t kill him? I was able to find out where her house was and send her food. Do you think I can’t kill *** it? »Wrote a user in Korean via her stories.

The user of this young woman in instagram coincides exactly with that of the Internet user who responded in Twitter to Jungkook’s complaint. Therefore, fans are sure that it is the same stalker.

Meanwhile, it is expected that HYBE of a prompt response to this serious inconvenience, and they hope that they will take forceful legal measures that will allow jungkook feel calm at home.