jungkook He is a member of one of the most famous groups in the world and number 1 in the Kpop genre, btsFor this reason, the media is always aware of them. This time Jungkook is in the headlines and trending on social networks after the controversial proposal he received from another man.

It is known that within the music industry and more specifically in the Kpop industry, singers must have a very strict attitude, but the members of bts they are always on the verge regarding that issue, because this time jungkook has received a “marriage proposal» by a very close friend of his.

All this happened when jungkook He was doing a live broadcast to share with his followers, but in the middle of his live, there was a message that stood out to the others, since it was a message with a marriage proposal, the surprise was to see who the comment was from , since it came from MRIwho is his groupmate.

Jungkook showed his surprised face, even though he hadn’t given him a sure answer. It’s known to be a game, but sometimes it’s not well received within the Kpop industry.