this is how i react jungkookthe BTS member to a plea request from one of his fans.

The member of the renowned famous band of kpop, btshas been making fans happy with his recent appearances and his new personal style, after the group decided to take a break from their activities, while Jin is fulfilling his duty as a man and inhabitant of Koreain the fifth division of the army.

So now each member is separately doing their songs, as well as their own appearances on their social networks, which is what Jungkook is doing.

For this reason, in this way, the singer recently made a live broadcast where he remained talking to all his followers, updating them on his life and in the same way showing how he normally executes his exercise routine.

However, one of his fans asked him to remove an implement that he had near his cell phone, and that did not allow him to fully see how the Idol proceeded to do his exercise routine, before this the golden maknae decided to have a reaction that made the fan blush a lot.

Jungkook simply stung with a smile, he was moving the chair little by little while his fan was able to see more of the singer’s exercises, armyas the fan club of the BTS group is called, could not have been more excited to see the member of 25 years much closer.