Jungkook, the junior member of the popular South Korean group of kpop bts, has been named by the magazine People What “The sexiest man in the world” in a survey that has undoubtedly left the fans and followers of the popular Kpop Idol very satisfied.

The renowned magazine People has named Jungkook, only 25 years old, as the sexiest man in the entire world planet Earth.

This statement has not come as a surprise to fans of the golden maknae, since the Idol has always demonstrated his great appeal, which has allowed him to position himself as one of the most popular people on social networks worldwide.

The ARMY, official fandom of bts, is the one who most recognizes the enormous appeal of the young artist, since they are the ones who are most aware of everything that this popular South Korean singer does on a daily basis.

jungkook You must already be used to seeing your name in different media that praise you for your beauty, which positions you as a member of bts most popular and famous in the world.

And you like it jungkook or has it caught your attention?