During a program, jungkook drew all the members of btsbut when drawing taehyunghe did it with his really long private part.

Jungkook was recently invited to a program where they asked questions and other entertainment activities to have a good time and have fun a bit, in which they ask him to draw his bandmates.

As requested, he proceeded to draw them all one by one, clearly the artist did it in a quick and simple way, where he only highlighted some of the aspects that most characterized to the other BTS singers, such as Jiminwhom I draw very small, this for being the shortest member of the team.

Everything very normal, until it was time to draw Taehyung, where turned on the interest of many who were watching the program for having drawn it with what is supposed to be his crotchin a very elongated way, considering that he was the only one who decided to draw his private parts in the first place.

It could have been a simple joke by Jungkook, since as we all know these two maintain a very good friendshipwhere he had a great time, but of course, there was no shortage of eccentrics who claimed and claim that the singer drew this for other reasons personal.

Here you can see the clip: