Jungkook, the most popular member of the Kpop group bts, already surprised all his fans with his new change of look, which he has let them see through a live video made on the South Korean platform of Weverse.

when the golden maknae If you change your look or make another change in your clothing, your fans are the first to trend the news and spread the photos all over the world. social media.

And it has been in this way that they have been able to see Jungkook with his new hair, which is now quite long and completely black, which allowed him to see through a live broadcast.

Jungkook also appeared in the video leaving his tattoos in view, while he was in his room, drinking beer and accompanied by his beautiful pet Bam who always keeps him company when he is at home.

The army was moved when the young artist confessed to them that he did not have any kind of permission to HYBE, the company in charge of BTS, to carry out the live broadcast. However, he confessed to them that he missed his fans and decided to connect because of it.

As expected, his fans were quite happy for the initiative taken by the idol, since this shows that he is interested in the people who support him and motivate him to move forward.