jungkook from bts He is one of the artists most loved by the fans of the group, without a doubt he has more than one lover and on this occasion the artist showed his tattoos on his arm and became a trend on social networks.

jungkook He is also a world-known artist, recently in one of his latest solo works, he performed the official song for the Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup, which is named “Dreamers” and without a doubt, he broke records with his wonderful performance at the grand opening of the soccer tournament.

ARMY is completely in love with jungkook and more now that the artist let us see his arm full of tattooswhich, as far as we can see, fit her perfectly for her style.

All these images came from behind the scenes of the recording of his video for the song “Dreamers” and we can see the singer with complete peace of mind wearing his tattoos, since his arm was completely visible and this was something that all Internet users definitely loved, thus managing to be a trend on Twitter for several days thanks to the mentions of the fans.

And do you like how it looks? jungkook with all his tattoos