The singer jungkook of bts surprises all his fans, called armyafter appearing on a live broadcast and showing them something they did not expect.

The member belonging to one of the most famous bands in KoreaBTS, has reappeared again on their social networks, after weeks of not having their fans updated due to the break they have had as a group.

bts has had to stop their obligations as a group, because each member must comply with mandatory military service ordered by Korea, however, this has not limited them to continue updating their fans individually.

A few days ago the dancer jungkookmanaged to shock his fans with his appearance in a live made through the page Weversequickly shortly after the broadcast ended, his very surprised fans republished the moment lived.

In the singer’s latest updates, he had been shown wearing short hair, and now later, while having a conversation with his fans, he surprised everyone by wearing his hair much longer.

The artist, who was accompanying his dog, revealed that he had not requested permission from the company to perform live, but still felt it appropriate to make a little space for his fans. He also added that for now he is focused on resting, and that he still keeps in touch with his bandmates.