The renowned singer jungkook He recently deleted his Instagram account, a fact that caused strong concern in ARMY who did not understand the reason for the forceful decision.

The BTS group has been going through some worrying moments due to the separation of several of its members. Firstly, Jinhad to leave his obligations as a singer, in order to fulfill his military service in the army since last December.

Now, two days ago the news broke that jhope he would be the next member to attend the Korean Army to carry out his 18-month obligation.

But other news adds to the separations of the members and creates anguish in the followers of the group. Jungkook has decided to delete his account instagram apparently without any reason, nor any prior notice to his followers.

However, since he knew that the news could affect ARMY after deleting the account where he had more than 50 million of followers, he gave a report through Weverse, where he made sure that the subject was not a method of alteration in the fans.

«Delete my Instagram account. It wasn’t hacked, I just removed it because I wasn’t using it much… So don’t worry!“, declared the renowned artist.

Jungkook clarified that now his communication platform will be Weverseand asked fans to be aware of using this new platform more.