South Korean Kpop group bts, It has undoubtedly caused quite a stir lately, as members of the group are enlisting for their military service.

This is how artists slowly put their music on hiatus to serve in their country’s military and break the hearts of millions of fans around the world, starting with Jin, This being the first member of the group to appear, beginning his service on December 13, 2022, it is believed that he follows him suga and finally Jungkook, since he is the youngest member.

But this time we have good news, since one of the members of the group seems to be very much in love.

The Kpop group formed by Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V Y jungkook has been linked to the Korean female artist group BLACKPINK more than once and it is believed that there may be a relationship between some members of both groups.

However, the love of jungkook It has nothing to do with one of the girls from BLACKPINK, the korean singer and dancer actually has a crush on UIwho is also a famous Korean singer.

However, jungkook is at a disadvantage, since only his groupmates suga Y jhope They have worked in the company of the artist.

Although this time it is not about her, because the member of bts apparently he had fallen in love with a young girl he met in a restaurant, and the artist told him:

You are so cute… I want you to be my girlfriend.

However, it was only a joke because the young woman was actually a member of bts, more specifically it was suga, The same one who had disguised himself as a woman.

Although it was a joke, for many netizens this caused some speculation about them.