jungkook singer of bts he could not hide his emotion and sadness at the same time, when he saw Jin go to what will be his training center for the army.

All the members of the band will be prepared to provide mandatory military service, part of the obligations they have as men. The first to perform his procedure was Jin last December 13thand in this order it is expected that one by one they will achieve the goal.

BIGHIT MUSICwas present at the moving moment and of course recorded some clips for all the armywhich at the request of Jin They couldn’t go to say goodbye.

His groupmates were present at the heartbreaking moment of the farewell, showing a smile in the middle of the rare moment, since it was not easy having to separate as a group.

But among all the most melancholic turned out to be jungkookwho hid his face with a mask and a hat, as if wanting to hide the feeling of nostalgia.

army admitted that their hearts were doubly broken, on the one hand the farewell to Jinand on the other to see the face of jungkook while saying goodbye to his great friend and classmate bts, for more than 10 years approximately.

We hope that as the days go by jungkook and their colleagues are happier and may have information about the singer.

One of the Tweets shared by a follower stated that: “Jungkook’s bright eyes as he looked at Seokjin leaves my heart breaking in two“.