Jungkook, the youngest and most popular member of bts, He is one of the most desired and loved idols in the entertainment industry. kpop, so each of his anecdotes are undoubtedly aspects of interest to his fans. One of them would be his confession that he does not sleep “with no clothes on”, something that shocked everyone. army and it also made them turn on their imagination.

Although it is quite normal for each of us to have different habits at bedtime, when those of some famous idols such as Jungkook are discovered, their fans start the task of inquiring more about the subject.

And this is how Jungkook shocked his trans fans by confessing some habits he has at bedtime, since many of his fans they considered that to be definitely something pretty sexy and hot.

In one opinion, the golden maknae of BTS confessed some of his preferences at bedtime. there, the idol revealed the type of clothes they wear to sleep, but Jungkook confessed that he doesn’t need anything more than his underwear at bedtime.

In addition, he also confessed that sometimes he falls asleep without anything, and that for him, sleeping without pajamas makes it much more comfortable to fall asleep.

And you, what do you think of the statements of jungkook?