On social networks, the rumor has been revived that Jungkook, the minor member of bts, has been dating the actress Lee Yoobi for about two years. The theory has been fueled by a series of tests that will have confirmed their romance.

How the vast majority of us know, both Jungkook and the other members of bts, They are not known as an official couple. However, there have been numerous rumors that have linked them lovingly with different personalities from the scene Kpop.

One of them has been golden maknae, who has been romantically linked to the South Korean actress Lee Yoo Bi, and whose rumors were supported by a series of tests that left the audience speechless ARMY.

Despite this, his fans ask the public not to make exact statements about whether the idol whether or not he has an affair with the actress, since some of the two of them would have to confirm it in order to access this information.

However, there are thousands of Jungkook fans who do believe that the idol had something with Lee Yoo Bi. But they affirm that both decided to keep the secret so as not to generate more noise about the issue.

And you, do you think jungkook had or has an affair with Lee Yoobi?