jungkooksinger and member of bts, He has avoided showing a tattoo that he has kept in honor of a girlfriend.

the singers of bts have had to take a break in their activities because Jin, the oldest member of the group, is presenting his mandatory military service. Even so, each of the members have been working on their musical projects, without neglecting armyhis fans.

For this reason jungkookI make a live broadcast on the official page of Weversewhere he admitted that he did not have permission from his agency to connect, but his need to know about his fans led him to do the live.

The artist carried out the transmission last February 2where he was talking with army and showing several of his tattoos, however, he avoided showing a tattoo that he apparently has in honor of one of his ex-girlfriends.

While his followers admired him seeing his much longer hair, and his pet, they couldn’t help but ask about the tattoos on his body.

When he explained all the tattoos on his hand, he referred to one in particular «It had an eye here but a lot of people didn’t like the eye and said it looked like the illuminati“However, his followers assured that he did not want to show the tattoo because it is the eye of a special person for the member of bts.

Netizens immediately commented on the issue, “He must have thought of that excuse for years.«, «But nobody said illuminati…? I heard some say it was a bride’s eye«, «He is lying, it is the look of his ex-partner«, among other comments, where they thanked jungkook for explaining about his tattoos.