Jungkook, the popular member of the South Korean group kpop bts, and the well-known South Korean singer UI They have surprised all their fans and followers, since they have appeared together in the list of 200 greatest singers of all time according to the prestigious American magazine Rolling Stone.

The list of the 200 best singers of all time according to Rolling Stone has impressed various kpop fans, since Jungkook and IU are present on it.

As many of us know, the golden maknae from BTS has expressed on various occasions that IU is his crush and ideal girl, so seeing the two of them together on this prestigious list has caused a sensation in the social media.

jungkook entered the list at position number 191. The publisher kristine kwak He said the following about the idol:

“The multifaceted youngest member of bts He boasts a long list of talents: he’s a great performer, wrote several songs, and is known for being extremely hard-working and humble despite the success he’s experienced at such a young age. He is also an extremely talented singer ».

«In 2022, when his theme with Charlie Puth, ‘Left and Right’, became the fastest song by a Korean solo artist to surpass 400 million streams on Spotify, Puth referred to him as one of the only artists who “has sent me perfect voices.” He hits high notes with ease and harmonizes with his members effortlessly, always providing his audience with new improvisations and unexpected vocal riffs to keep things interesting.”

For his part, UI it entered at number 135 on the list. kwak wrote the following about the talented singer and actress:

“Since their great success of 2010, ‘good day’ (who garnered well-deserved praise for her magnificent three-note climax), IU has become one of the most respected vocalists in South Korean music. Despite having a soft voice, she has a wide range, a powerful delivery and a versatility that has allowed her to move easily from bossa nova to ’90s chamber pop and jazz to ballad.

“In 2022, she became the first Korean solo artist to headline a concert at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, filling the venue in five minutes, with peers and fans like Jungkook from BTS, Jihyo Y jeongyeon from TWICE, Y Soobin Y Beomgyu from txt there to celebrate his triumph.

And you, do you like to see jungkook Y UI in the list of the 200 greatest singers of all time?