The singer JinSouth Korean band member btshas worried his followers after some videos and images where he is seen suffering from an injury that has been caused in the army went viral.

The artist who just completed his two months as an active duty member of the United States Army Koreahas shown on certain occasions his liking for being in the Infantry Division in the county of yeoncheon; however, on this occasion the artist could only show discomfort for what would be a fairly serious injury.

As usual, both he personally and the Korean army always share some photos updating the fans who call themselves armyabout their state of health and their state of mind at events.

And according to reports, Jin’s responsibility in the army has been so great that he was promoted to teaching assistant at the training center for recruits of the army. fifth division.

However, in the latest update on the artist, it was revealed that he had abnormal behavior, the product of what would be an injury to one of his shoulders that prevents him from making many movements.

In the shared videos, you can see how he raises his shoulder in a movement that seems to comfort his pain a little, while in another video it is evident that when he bends down he holds the same shoulder.

Given the fact, his followers commented on the networks the admiration they had for the singer, while others ask the army personnel to attend to Jin in a timely manner.