The singer Jin of the KPop group, BTS, has left many concerned ARMY, after showing extreme thinness after entering the military service.

the artist of 30 years He entered the military on December 13, after months of speculation about his possible enlistment date. When the day came, his groupmates went with him to the place where he would be held for 18 months.

And after seeing him off and being moved by not being able to see him soon, Jin joined the training center to fulfill his obligation.

His colleagues asked him to be careful with his actions once incarcerated, but they also emphasized that he take care of his physical and mental health. But it seems the artist is ignoring his words, and in recent photos posted by the training camp, he has looked much thinner than usual.

Their armyas the group’s followers are usually called, have replicated the news millions of times, since they are very concerned about him and his health.

It would be possible that the singer retires from his obligation much earlier than expected, because they consider that his health comes first, and if the military service does not provide him with sufficient elements for his care, he could suffer serious consequences.

The comments of his followers have some words in common, the “extreme thinness» of Jin, and ask their companions to be more aware of their evolution.