The renowned singer Jinfrom bts He revealed that he would have married just before entering the military service.

the singers of bts they will have to do their obligatory military service, and they will do it one by one. For now it started Jin singer of 30 years, and who started this December 13th.

The artist who will be away for about 18 months from the stages, he recently made his solo debut with his song «The Astronaut” together with Coldplayleaving this song and its lyrics as a gift to army.

Although the singer has not had relationship rumors or controversies in his past, he did reveal that he would have married before his military service.

Some of the singers and actors are in the habit of getting married before entering their military service because of the long wait they must undergo, while others keep their relationships private or are single.

And it was at a recent event where he claimed to be married, it all happened when at the event a young woman asked the attendees to get up if they were newlyweds, there the singer stood up with his partner MRIhowever, when the message was well translated to kim seokjin Apparently the intention was not that, and it was all a slightly poorly executed joke. What caused grace in the assistants and in ARMY.