Jin, the eldest member of bts and who is currently providing the compulsory military service, has gone viral in social media for the new photos that have been released, where it is seen that he was subjected to a rigorous and difficult test that has moved all his fans and followers.

Through social networks, a photo of Jin has been released where water is pouring into his eyes, after he was subjected to a test in a toxic gas chamber.

These tests are done in the training program where the Worldwide Handsome is enlisted, in order for him to learn all kinds of tests so that he can be an active soldier in the army of South Korea.

The image we have obtained has caused all kinds of reactions within the ARMY, who can’t help but be moved by the ordeals the idol might face while serving in the military.

So much Jin as each of the members of bts, they will be subjected to all these rigorous and demanding tests, since that is what military service is all about. It is about being trained for any military emergency that may occur because of their eternal enmity with their neighboring country, North Korea.