After enlisting in the army in mid-December, Jin of bts proved that standing out in his unit isn’t just about his popularity as a singer, as recently, the author of “The Astronaut» has risen to a high position in your unit.

Jin he reached a new level of achievement in the military when he was promoted through dedication and hard work just days after completing his basic military training, now becoming a Assistant Instructor.

ARMY is happy to see that Jin he is doing well in the military as at first, fans were very worried about what would happen to the idol during his military service, but they were very proud of what he has accomplished.

It was recently reported that Jin has been appointed to a new position in the military, and ARMY couldn’t be more excited about what the idol has accomplished during his time in the military, which is why he was selected as an assistant instructor for the 5th Infantry Division in Yeoncheon, province. from Gyeonggi.

As an assistant instructor, Kim will help train new soldiers through basic training such as drills and warm-ups.

It was also reported a few days ago that the artist was promoted to platoon leader and commander, so there is no doubt that the singer is showing great enthusiasm and talent in the military.