South Korean singer, songwriter and dancer Jinof btswanted to give to army a small detail for the day of Valentine’s Dayand it is that Jin, before his enlistment in the army, prepared several audiovisual content to present to his followers monthly.

Among all this content, Jin has released a Valentine-themed video, where it can be seen that he has some macarons of colors, on which he begins to write a nice message, using a chocolate glaze, it can be seen that there are 7, wanting to represent the total number of BTS members.

After being seen thinking about what message to put on the macarons, the singer settled on a “I love you»referring to all his followers of course, beginning the message with «ARMY», which is the name by which he calls himself fandom from BTS.

Jin has already made it clear that he misses his teammates as much as his fans, so he prepared himself before going in to lend his military service in South Korea, making many more videos and photos like this to share with everyone as he completes his military obligation.

with this cute message made more than one of the numerous ARMYs feel, receiving an exuberant amount of messages and comments in support of the young member of the BTS septet.

Next, you can see the video with subtitles in Spanish: