The singer Jin of bts, He has pleasantly surprised his fans with some videos he recently posted while he is serving in the army.

the artist of 30 years will be close to serving a month in the army, since last December 13th when he was called to present himself officially, there accompanied by his classmates btshe said goodbye to his fans because they would not see him after 18 months.

Now him January 8th, Jin It was a trend on social networks due to the videos it published, since the reaction of many people was to think that its time had ended. Contrary to his intention, it was to have a gesture with his followers, who call themselves armyleaving some videos about him, so that the absence was not so much.

The videos are apparently pre-recorded and intended to be released monthly while he is gone, and with the help of his assistants, they army You will be able to enjoy the updates that the singer has.

in the first video Jin He took the opportunity to explain that he was recording an episode of “running man«, and following this with a bit of melancholy, he admitted that he would like to be next to his followers, offering good music, but that soon he will be able to be with them again.

«I may not be by your side right now, but I’ll come looking for you soon. So if you wait a bit, I’ll be back soon» said the artist.