Jinthe oldest member of the group bts, has thrilled his followers to be able to send them a message, and give an update on his military service status.

army who are the followers of BTS have not stopped being aware of the health and changes that their idol has had Jinso any update is a big surprise to them.

The BTS member entered the military as stipulated by the laws of Korea for all men, for this reason the group had to pause their performances while all its members do their duty.

From the past December 13th that the artist of 30 years He joined the training center, little information has been received from the member, so as soon as an update appears, his groupmates and ARMY are the most excited.

Now Jin personally was the one who made a statement to his followers about his state of health and how he is doing: «I am having fun. I am posting these photos with the permission of the Armed Forces. ARMY always be happy and be wellJin detailed.

In addition to posting a photo in the respective military service uniform, and although he admitted to being fine, his fans are concerned about his physical condition, as he looks much thinner.