everything seemed like Jin He was one step away from starting his acting career. The term “ACTOR JIN” is among the most talked about topics on the global Trending Topics this Monday, July 25, as fans believe he has been in a movie recently.

The truth is that there is a lot of excitement surrounding Jin’s next plans, as he studied performance on the college despite never having worked professionally, except, of course, for his collaborations on the content of bts.

Also, one of the most famous actors in South Korea, who was an influence on Jin to act, Kim Nam GilI quote the BTS member in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan Korea. The actor said that he finds it easier to talk to older people, despite having worked countless times with younger actors.

I’m close to Jin from BTS and have worked with young people like Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO) and Seohyun (Girls’ Generation)”.

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First, Cosmopolitan Korea translated the interview as if Kim Nam Gil had said that he had worked with Jin and this ignited the fandom, so much so that the term “ACTOR JIN” went viral. Later the magazine corrected the error.

On the other hand, this Monday the idol was present at the premiere of the film “declaration of emergency”, which has Kim Nam Gil as one of the stars. However, in weverseclarified that he only attended the event because he was invited and wanted to honor his friend Kim Nam Gil.

I had fun watching the movie!
I didn’t act in the movie, but thank you to all the ARMYs who came to support me.
thanks to you my nerves relaxed a bit.
ARMY I love you
Jin said.

I’m also working hard to prepare for my main job, so everyone please just wait a bit~“.