Jin, the member of bts which is currently in the compulsory military service, has graduated from military basic training South Korea, for which he has decided to show a series of photographs that has massively moved each and every one of his fans and followers around the world.

After five weeks of arduous military training, Jin has finally obtained the title of active soldier of the South Korean military. With this, the idol has gone to the next level within his military service.

The Worldwide Handsome from BTS has not hesitated to share this moment, which undoubtedly makes him quite happy for having achieved the first goal of his basic training as an active soldier.

The photos that the Idol has shared have moved everyone ARMY, since the artist has been very happy for this new achievement, which makes him stay away from the music scene and will continue to be so for at least one more year of service.

The fans have viralized the photographs that Jin He has published on his social networks around the world, where they have not skimped on sending them numerous messages of love, encouragement and a lot of support, hoping that time will continue to pass quickly so that they can see the singer again inside BTS.