Jin, the member of bts which is currently in the compulsory military service, has moved all his followers after posting a video on the platform Youtube. The Idol has dedicated some sister words to everyone army and promised them that he will post another video in a few months.

The entry into the military service of Jin, the oldest member of BTS, has not been an easy situation for the ARMY and its followers, since he idol he is not allowed to use his phone or be active on social media like he previously was.

Less than ten photos have been seen of the Worldwide Handsome since enlisting in the military South Korea, something that in a way generates impotence among all his fans, who want to know more about the artist.

But yesterday, the ARMY had a big surprise, since Jin published a special video on the platform of Youtube, something that moved his followers but at the same time generated them a lot of joy, since they managed to see a video of the Idol after almost a month of having entered the army.

“Whenever I can, I’ll leave a video of these every few months,” Jin stated in the video.

The truth of this is that Jin is successfully completing his mandatory military service, something that will undoubtedly make his fans and fellow BTS members even more proud, who will also be enlisting in the service as part of their duties as South Korean citizens.

And you, did you like this touching video of Jin?