Jin band member btshas shown his true personality in the army, several of his colleagues have commented on how the relationship with the idol has been in the middle of training.

Jin entered military service last December 13th, so your followers assume that you have already had the opportunity to share with other members and superiors. However, what was not known was the personality that the artist has shown in the army.

army who knows the artist very well, assures that when he has to attend to his fans, he is a person with a pleasant and genuine personality, but now, after learning about his personality in the military battalion, they were very surprised.

A teammate from Jin’s squad was the one who spoke in depth about how it has been to maintain the relationship with the artist, while they fulfill their obligations in the training center.

the singer of 30 years He has shown himself to be a gentleman with his colleagues at the military base, the source in charge of revealing details admitted that Jin has put aside his professionalism and artist attitude, to become another human being.

He stated that several times they have seen the idol put on an apron and serve the food to the rest of the classmates, proving to be a hard-working person and with an extraordinary gift of humility.