The brother of a makeup artist tiktoker has gone viral for his resemblance to Jin from BTS, the boy even has the same gestures as the South Korean idol. Many ARMYs thought that it was some filter or app to look like Jin.

In the video you can see the tiktoker performing one of her makeup videos, but this time with her brother who has been compared to the talented member of the South Korean K-pop band, BTS, if we appreciate the young man’s face in detail, we can see that it even shares some very similar features of Jin’s face.

This impacted BTS fans, since they immediately began to comment that he was very similar to the oldest member of the South Korean septet, these are some of the ARMY comments that we can see:

«Sister-in-law», «Help, is it me or does she look like Jin», «because she looks like minji and jin», «How does she look so good?», «Looks like Jin».

They not only mentioned his resemblance to Jin from BTS, but also to several other South Korean stars, and it cannot be denied that the young man mentioned in the video has several attractive features, winning the hearts of several users of the social network.

Here you can see the mentioned Tik Tok:


Do we look like? #siblingcheck #doingmybrothersmakeup #turningmyboyfriendintome #makeuptransformation

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